Preschool Immersion

At Ettevort International Academy, we provide an immersive preschool language curriculum that allows children to develop the linguistic capacity they will need to succeed in a global environment. We offer both half-day and full-day immersive language classes where our experienced educators teach language through structured activities designed to foster creativity and problem-solving skills.


PreschoolAt Ettevort International Preparatory Academy, our Preschool program is designed to provide a comprehensive and enriching educational experience for young learners. We take a holistic approach, integrating language immersion, physical development through our sports program, and the performing arts into our curriculum. Through our language immersion program, children are immersed in their target language daily, fostering fluency and cultural understanding from an early age. Our sports program promotes physical health and development, teaching teamwork, coordination, and sportsmanship through engaging activities and games. Additionally, our emphasis on performing arts allows children to explore creativity, self-expression, and confidence through music, drama, and dance. Together, these components create a well-rounded learning environment where every child can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Students interested in enrolling into our Preschool Language Immersion Program must meet the requirements below:

Age Requirement

To join our Preschool Immersion Program, students must meet the age eligibility criteria, typically ranging from 3 to 5 years old. Parents or guardians should ensure that their child’s age aligns with the specified age range for enrollment.


Social-Emotional Readiness

To ensure that students are well-prepared for the Preschool Immersion Program, we evaluate every student’s social-emotional preparedness for our program via interviews and observations. Our objective is to confirm that each student possesses the necessary emotional maturity and comprehension to embark on their educational journey with us. 



Prior to enrollment, we ask all parents/guardians to participate in an informational session with one of our educators. This session serves to elucidate the learning environment at Ettevort International Academy and address any inquiries regarding their child’s educational path with us. This collaborative effort enables us to establish enduring partnerships with families, ensuring that we collectively foster positive experiences for each and every one of our students.


All applicants must pass an assessment which assesses their current knowledge and skill level. This helps us determine whether or not the child is suited for our preschool program based on their existing knowledge base and academic ability.

Tuition Requirement

Tuition fees and associated costs should be paid in accordance with the program’s fee structure and payment schedule. Parents or guardians should be fully informed about and commit to the financial aspects of the program.


Class Time Extended Day      
7:40am-3:00pm 3:00pm-5:30pm