The Best Ways to Get Your Child to Speak a New Language

Children learning a new language

  1. Start with The Basics

Even if you’re not fluent in the language you are trying to teach your children, you can still help by encouraging them to learn the basics of language together. For example, you can put on television shows or movies that feature the target language. Make games out of the learning experience and discover how to count together, name colors and shapes, or sing songs. You can even put labels on items around the house to make it easier for your children to associate the object with the new word. 

  1. Expose Language at An Early Age

The younger you can start teaching your child a language, the easier it will be for them to grasp language concepts. It doesn’t matter how old your child is; start right away. Even young babies that are exposed to multiple languages from birth can learn a new language. 

There is a period, also known as the “Critical Period,” where children can quickly learn multiple languages. This period diminishes as a child grows older. It doesn’t mean they can’t learn a language. It will just make it a bit more challenging to master, so it’s best to start as young as possible.

  1. Find Outside Opportunities

It will help to find additional opportunities to teach language to your children. Look for community events or clubs featuring the culture of the language you’re speaking. Speaking with natives will help to strengthen the skills they will need to learn a new language. It will help them to pronounce and conjugate words correctly. The more exposure children have to outside opportunities, the easier it will be for your children to learn a second language.

  1. Use Foreign Language Resources

You’re not alone in your quest to teach your child a new language. There are many online resources such as games, activities, online language programs, language apps, and books. Plus, with many kids tv shows available in other languages, you can tailor their screen time to fit their language learning goals.

  1. Sign up For Language Lessons

The best way to introduce your child to a new language is to enroll them in language lessons. For example, Language Lab Academy’s program helps students receive the best immersive foreign-language instruction possible by creating a learning environment conducive to the student’s goals. Focusing on lessons that keep students interested and promote authentic interaction with speakers instead of a heavy vocabulary focus helps to solidify new language knowledge for your children.

While there are many ways to teach your child a new language, following the above tips will ensure you’re making the most of the resources available around you. Want to learn more? Click here to learn more about our methods to help your child learn a new language.


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