Latest Past Events

Smooth Transitions: Navigating the Transition to a Language Immersion Program

Caddo Offices Frisco 2770 Main Street, Frisco

Are you considering transitioning your child to a language immersion program but unsure about the process? Join us for an informative seminar where we'll provide guidance and support to help make the transition smooth and successful for your family. In this seminar, we'll discuss practical strategies for managing the adjustment period and integrating into the […]

Language Immersion Unveiled: Addressing FAQs and Common Concerns

Caddo Offices Frisco 2770 Main Street, Frisco

Curious about language immersion education but have questions or concerns holding you back? Join us for an enlightening seminar where we'll debunk myths, address common misconceptions, and provide clarity on the benefits of language immersion for young learners. In this interactive session, our expert panel will tackle frequently asked questions, such as language proficiency development, […]

Parent Workshop: Navigating Language Immersion Education

Caddo Offices Frisco 2770 Main Street, Frisco

The workshop, "Navigating Language Immersion Education," is a session dedicated to informing parents about the benefits and practicalities of language immersion programs for their children. We'll discuss strategies for supporting language learning at home, engaging with the school, and addressing common concerns. Whether you're considering or already enrolled in a language immersion program, this workshop […]